FolkArtwork Newsletter No. X: Daniel Johnston, Nellie Mae Rowe, and More in this Week in Outsider Art


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DANIEL JOHNSTON Lost Death (1983) // Ink and marker on paper courtesy of The Daniel Johnston Trust
NELLIE MAE ROWE Woman Warning Black Dog Not to Eat too Many Mulberries (1978) // Wax crayon on woven paper via American Folk Art Museum
ELIZABETH LAYTON Raggedy Ann and Andy on the Shelf (1979) via Elizabeth Grandma Layton
DOROTHY F. FOSTER “Rocky Ledge” up a path — looking over (c. 1970-1986) // Ballpoint pen on found newsprint via Fleisher/Ollman Gallery at the Outsider Art Fair Paris
RALPH FASANELLA Untitled (Woman in Green Shirt, Brown Jacket) // Oil on Wood Panel (c. 1970) via Hill Gallery
MARUCH MÉNDEZ Injusticia 1 (Injustice 1) (2022) // Acrylic on Paper via Galeria Muy at the Outsider Art Fair Paris
SAM DOYLE “Nancy” and “Sam, Slave” (date unknown) // Reused, corrugated, galvanized iron sheet (of the type used for roofing and siding); paint; areas of nonoriginal paint in background via Philadelphia Museum of Art and shout out to the Workers at the Philadelphia Museum of Art who have unionized and fighting for a more fair and equitable workplace. ✊
EUGÈNE LAMBOURDIERE AKA MAURICE Untitled (c. 2022) // Crayon de couleur sur papier via Galerie Du Moineau Ecarlate at Outsider Art Fair Paris
MAURICE SULLINS Elegant Moment in Paris (n.d.) via Hana Pietri Gallery at the Outsider Art Fair Paris
CARLO ZINELLI Untitled (1966) // Tempera on paper via Maroncelli 12 at the Outsider Art Fair Paris


YULIIA CHAIKA Personal Boundaries (2022) // Acrylic on canvas; 40x40cm courtesy the artist

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Rick Fleming in the studio peeking out from behind a painted wooden cutout of Willie Nelson via Sage Studio ATX

I’d be lying if I said when I found out about an exhibition in collaboration between SAGE Studio and Webb Gallery, I didn’t let out an audible hell yeah and then searched to see how quickly and easily I could make it down to Texas. Two of my favorite galleries and studios with some of the nicest people I’ve ever met present TRUCKLOAD OF ART, a show by Texans for absolutely everyone.

SAGE Studio in Austin, Texas is a studio and gallery space featuring artwork by artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Webb Gallery in Waxahachie, Texas is run by Bruce and Julie Webb who have “been selling soul through contemporary and visionary art for 34 years”. Both places, and both groups of people, not only produce and highlight the most amazing artwork but they make you feel welcome and like there’s no cooler place in the whole wide world.

TRUCKLOAD OF ART opens this Friday, September 23rd, from 7–9 PM at SAGE Studio in Austin. This incredible and mind-blowing collaboration is guest curated by Julie Webb and will feature work by 9 self-taught Texas artists: Hector Alonzo Benavides, Montrel Beverly, Tom Burleson, Yesenia Duran, Rick Fleming, Mark Cole Greene, Helen Burkhart Mayfield, Ike E. Morgan, and David Sulak.

If you can get there, you best do yourself a favor and get there because you will not regret it!

Julie and Bruce Webb of Webb Gallery standing next to a Honda full of art via SAGE Studio ATX





Next Week: Highlights from Truckload of Art and Finster Fest, plus a recap of the Outsider Art Fair Paris

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