Maurice “Le Grand Le Sueur” Sullins Joins The Outsider Art Fair Paris Lineup

When I traveled to New York City for the very first time for my very first Outsider Art Fair this past March, I met a lot of wonderful people and saw so much amazing artwork. None more wonderful and amazing of a combination than Tiphanie Spencer of Hana Pietri Gallery out of Chicago, Illinois showcasing the work of Maurice “Le Grand Le Sueur” Sullins, which makes the news of his work taking place at the 10th Annual Outsider Art Fair Paris all the more exciting!

“I am so excited to announce that Hana Pietri will participate in the Outsider Art Fair Paris 2022, September 15-18. Exquisite, select paintings by Maurice Sullins will be exhibited in the OVR, all capturing his very unique interpretation of France’s great culture. Although Maurice never set foot there, his ability to create scenes inspired by French history, culture and landscapes was astonishing. His work was, and continues to be regarded with reverence by collectors, cultural leaders and museum curators alike.”

Hana Pietri Gallery

Big shout out to Tiphanie and Hana Pietri Gallery for the hard work and dedication to Maurice’s work and how excited he would be to see his French-inspired work participate in an art fair in Paris. Check out Maurice’s work in the Online Viewing Room now.

(note: some above works will not be featured in the Outsider Art Fair in Paris)

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