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Outsider art. Self-taught art. Folk art. Vernacular and visionary. What does it all mean, and where do I fit in? Good question. The artwork featured on the @folkartwork Instagram page is typically that of the outsider and self-taught artists. Makers of art who never attended an art school and/or made art because they felt compelled by something larger than themselves. Not sure if this applies to you? Don’t worry. I am not the adjudicator of outsider art, but I am more than happy to look at your artwork, and if it feels like a good fit, we will make it work.

NOTE: Submitting the form and email artwork is not a guarantee artwork will be featured // Artwork will be posted on @folkartwork’s main feed and shared via Instagram stories.

As of 07/01/22, a $2.00 (USD) fee will be required upon posting any artwork.

50% of the proceeds will go to Indigenous Women Rising, which makes abortion accessible to Indigenous communities all throughout the United States.

Submit payment via PayPal below!

IMPORTANT: Please send a hi-res photo of you artwork to marv at folkartwork dot art with your name and the title of the piece. (Until I can get them submitted on the website here, it’s the easiest way to get your work to me!)

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