Looking For a Medieval Scarf? Hares Hoard Has You Covered

Art is awesome. All kinds. Anytime someone makes something, anything at all, I get a little happy feeling. So when these beautiful medieval scarves were brought to my attention I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Meet Hares Hoard, a new creative project exploring the rich visual and historical culture of Great Briton (Ancient Albion). Learn more and purchase these beautiful medieval scarves.

Hares Hoard was set out to capture the essence of football scarves and transplant it into history. They often associate themselves with historical and mythical figures to attempt salvaging some personal, family or geographically-based identity. This quest for finding identity in heritage has been a positive journey for many but has led people and societies to conjure up dangerous beliefs and commit unforgivable atrocities.

Hares Hoard has always intended to make beautiful scarves, but the project was founded on playing with the meaning in these popular garments and the associations of history and myth.

Hares Hoard

Per Hares Hoard: Football scarves have always been about tribalism for their wearers, this may emerge in the form of an allegiance to a team, player or local region. Seeing football icons such as Eric Cantona or David Beckham draped over the shoulders of fans like a Bishop’s stock, has imbued these garments with an almost religious power. Furthermore, newer generations of fans, too young to watch the legends of the 50s, 60s, and 70s will still immortalise older players, which then forms part of a collective imaginary similar to the legends of Arthur and Merlin.

More info about Hares Hoards products.

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