Outsider Art Fair 2023: All The Highlights, Photos + Videos and More!

Wow. We did it. One trip to New York City, three days of the Outsider Art Fair, and countless magnificent artworks — what a time.

Being at the Outsider Art Fair for the second straight year was a privilege. The warmth, the joy, and the kindness from everyone at the fair, from patrons and staff to artists and gallerists, it couldn’t have been a more enjoyable experience. There is something so comforting about the artwork and artists who participate in the Outsider Art Fair, I hope everyone has the chance to make it there one day.

Thanks again to all friends, new and old, including but not limited to Sherry Pardee of the Pardee CollectionDuff Lindsay of Lindsay GalleryJennifer Gilbert of Jennifer Lauren GalleryAarne Anton of Nexus SingularityTom di Maria of Creative Growth, and John Foster from Accidental Mysteries.

The absolute warmest and sincerest thank you to SAGE Studio & Gallery for their generosity in New York City and for doing the outstanding work they do.

It was a pleasure to continue to build a relationship and catch up with Lucy and Katie, and it was a treasure to meet the one and only King Godwin, seen above explaining the intricate detail of his paintings and chat with Montrel Beverly, the mastermind behind the pipe cleaner ferris wheel.

Please enjoy all the photos and videos of all the awe-inspiring artwork.

Much love.

Halloween Masks at Joshua Lowenfels Works of Art
Elijah Pierce at Lindsay Gallery
Scott Csoke at Alexander DiJulio
William Hawkins at OAF ‘We Are Birds’ curated space
Minnie Evans at OAF ‘We Are Birds’ curated space
Ionel Talpazan at Nexus Singularity / Aarne Anton
R.E. Treubel at Steven S. Powers
African American playing cards from the South c. 1900 at Joshua Lowenfels Works of Art
Clementine Hunter at Mason Fine Art
David Butler at Fleisher/Ollman Gallery
Janko Domsic, from the collection of Rodger Cardinal, at Jennifer Lauren Gallery
Jimmy Lee Sudduth
Myra Kukiiyaut at Feheley Fine Arts
Ralph Fasanella at Hill Gallery
James Son Ford Thomas at Joshua Lowenfels Works of Art

Outsider Art Fair Videos

Esteban Whiteside at LatchKey Gallery

Shinichi Sawada at James Cohan Gallery in Collaboration with Jennifer Lauren Gallery

Ricco/Maresca Gallery Winter Party + Formed with Function Exhibit

Outsider Art Fair Photo Dump

Every photo taken from the 2023 Outsider Art Fair.

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