The Pardee Collection Returns to the Outsider Art Fair

A gallery of American and International folk and outsider art, brought to you by Sherry Pardee in Iowa City, Iowa.

If you ever have stumbled upon the unmistakeable work by Emitte Hych, on this page or another, it’s very likely that it came from the remarkle collection of Sherry Pardee. A photographer, designer, art collector and dealer for thirty years now, The Pardee Collection boasts an astonishing collection of works by the African American artist born in 1909 in rural Mississippi, working as a sharecropper until the 1940s.

As I make second appearance ever at the Outsider Art Fair in New York City, I am perhaps the most excited to see works in person by this self-taught genius, whom I’ve been low-key obsessed with ever since I stumbled upon his work years ago.

A long time exhibitor at the Outsider Art Fair, it is exciting for all who will partake in the event’s thirty-first rendition that Sherry Pardee and her national and international collection of folk and outsider art will returning March 2nd-5th at Metropolitan Pavilion.

The Pardee Collection will be showing this year at the Outsider Art Fair:

a wonderful example of a Haitian Voodoo flag by artist Antoine Oleyante, paintings and drawings by African American artist, Emitte Hych, architectural drawings by Jim Work and drawings by the religious visionary artist Stephen JM Palmer as well as paintings by Teddy Schapiro.  

See below for examples of these beautiful artworks and stay tuned for more from New York City in two weeks as we head out to this year’s Outsider Art Fair.

Online viewing rooms will be posting in the coming days and this page will sure to be update with the link to The Pardee Collection’s OVR.

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