Saving Ron’s Place


Rons Place needs to be saved. If possible, it would be of great help save Ron’s place from destruction so this rare piece of Outsider Art can be treasured forever.

Who is Ron and what is the goal?

Ron’s Place is a unique and internationally acclaimed ‘visionary art environment’ created by Ron Gittins (1939 – 2019) in Birkenhead near Liverpool, England, and a rare example of ‘Outsider Art’.

Over the last 3 years, we’ve been working hard as volunteers to pay the rent and council tax, as well as trying to find a partner such as a housing association to help us take over Ron’s and the three residential flats upstairs. But now the landlord has served notice and put the building up for sale by auction. Ron’s Place is at serious risk of being levelled and lost forever so we need your help to buy it. Can you help us?

We had hoped to lease the building for a year to run some pilot projects but the owner has now decided to sell at auction on 1st March at a guide price of £325,00. The prospect of Ron’s fantasy world being destroyed (like Liverpool’s original Cavern Club) and painted magnolia is too awful to contemplate.

Your support will go towards purchasing the building, conserving the space, archiving and preserving the contents, and crucially – whatever happens – an #InspiredbyRonsPlace public engagement programme encouraging people in the local community to explore the life-enhancing benefits of creativity.

Visit our website to find out more:

If you have the means, it would be of great help to Ron’s family and the people of Birkenhead, of England, and to Outsider Art lovers worldwide if you could donate to their GoFundMe and help save Ron’s place.

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