FolkArtwork Newsletter No. XXVI: Mother and Child Wood Carving, Horace Pippin + More This Week in Outsider Art


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STEVE ASHBY Mother and Child (1970) // Painted wood, hair, cotton; 8 × 3 1/2 × 1 1/4″ via American Folk Art Museum
MAKHOSAZANA DLADLA Untitled (c. 2000-2013) // Embroidery and beading on cotton via American Visionary Art Museum
HORACE PIPPIN Victorian Interior I (1945) via The Met Museum
MINNIE ADKINS AND GARLAND ADKINS Pole Cat (1987) // Paint on carved wood; signed and dated G + M Adkins 1987 on animal’s stomach via Christies
UNIDENTIFIED NEPALI ARTIST Tiger with a Mustache – Miniature Hindu Festival Mask (20th Century) // Wood, oil paint; 6 1/4” h. x 3 1/2” w. via Indigo Arts Gallery
JON SERL Man with Outstretched Arms (date unknown) // Oil paint on reused photolithograph print, mounted to Masonite via Philadelphia Museum of Art
MYRLANDE CONSTANT Negre Danbala Wedo (Exorcism) (c. 1994-2019) // Sequins, glass beads, and silk on cotton via Pérez Art Museum Miami
PETER ATTIE BESHARO Untitled (Children of our Universe) (1950) // Oil and mixed media on canvas via Christies
CLEMENTINE HUNTER Bouquet of Zinnias (c. 1940) // Oil on black photo album paper via Mennello Museum of American Art
NELLIE MAE ROWE Untitled (Green Animal) (1981) // Crayon and graphite on paper; signed and dated Nellie Mae Rowe / SATdAy July 4 1981 lower right via Christies


NIL & KARIN ROMANO Evil Cat (2022) courtesy the artists


READ: Iranian Art Brut // Outsider Art from Persia

Ever since my friend and owner of Gallery OutsiderInn in Tehran Morteza Zahedi sent me a photo of his latest book, I have been dreaming of the day to get my hands on it. Turns out, finding a copy of “Iranian Art Brut: Outsider Art from Persia” isn’t very easy. Luckily, through the power of persistence and this little old internet of ours, you can’t hold this beautiful book, but you can see all the fantastic outsider art in PDF form on now!

Check out the ninety pages put together by Zahedi and French author Jean-Marc Decrop with dozens of artwork by Iranian artists such as Davood Koochaki, Madmoodkhan, Jamshid Aminfar, and more.

Concerning the works published in this book, it should be noticed that the works of these individuals are addressed, in artistic trends, as “art brut” or “self-taught.” Much like their ancestors in the present age, these artists are engaged in artistic creation—on the fringes. Their works depend solely on pure human resources. Their outputs are strangely tied to their natural lives. The presentation of these works is underpinned by their originality, innovation, and romantic goals. The creators of this form of artistic expression can be considered an epitome of disregard for the social and economic considerations “in the art world”: they are able to express their ideas in their own language.

Morteza Zahedi

>> READ NOW <<










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