Gabrielle K Brown’s Out-of-this-World Paintings & Wood Sculptures Available For Purchase at the FolkArtwork Collective

It is beyond thrilling to welcome Gabrielle K Brown and her out-of-this-world talent, these paintings, and wooden sculptures to the FolkArtwork Collective.

I have been a huge fan of Gabrielle’s work for a long time now, and I am honored to bring these to you today, tomorrow, and as long as they last which I’m sure won’t be long.

The playfulness, the rawness, and detailed imaginative beauty in each in every piece continues to astonish and amaze with each and every piece.


GABRIELLE K BROWN is a multifaceted artist who eagerly and energetically seeks new ways to tell stories through her paintings, sculptures and public murals. Her work retains an object like quality utilising many folk art materials including wood and various paints, retaining a natural and intuitive, seemingly naive yet extremely complex aesthetic.

The works dissect the relationship we have with ourselves, our companions, our society and our past with an awe and celebration of nature and the divine, shedding light on how we grow and how we suffer as human beings. Confrontational imagery is often contrasted with uplifting symbols, actions and words – emphasising the extremes of the human condition and experience.

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About the FolkArtwork Collective

It brings me great pleasure to introduce the FolkArtwork Collective — a fantastic group of self-taught and emerging artists from across the globe. Jackie Bradshaw, Esteban Whiteside, Sarah Lee, Noel Hatfield, Peppermint House, Jordan Sullivan, Reneesha Mccoy and now Gabrielle K Brown are the first artists to bring original artwork directly to the FolkArtwork web store on both and directly on Instagram.

After four years of running this account, sharing daily art by great outsider and self-taught artists who are no longer with us, I am thrilled to share this space with current artists to assist in their artistic journey and bring their artwork to the masses and maybe to a home near you.

I am excited to see FolkArtwork evolve and grow. It will continue to share daily outsider artwork by some of the greatest artists ever, pictures from travels across the country, visiting unknown and hidden art environments, and now offering original artwork for sale.

Continuing to add more works and more artists in the coming months… stay tuned!

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