New Works Available by Jackie Bradshaw in the FolkArtwork Shop

JACKIE BRADSHAW is a neurodivergent, endometriosis warrior folk/outsider artist from Kitchener Ontario Canada. I worked as a PSW for many years until the birth of my son when I had a small home daycare and would use the kids’ leftover paints to make mirror image paintings which I would add ink or crayon to pull out images that I could see in the splatters of paint. I got obsessed and made hundreds of them and continued making art since as a means to quiet my mind and body. Thank you so much for reading this and looking at my art. Be well.

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About the FolkArtwork Collective

It brings me great pleasure to introduce the FolkArtwork Collective — a fantastic group of self-taught and emerging artists from across the globe. Jackie Bradshaw, Esteban Whiteside, Sarah Lee, Noel Hatfield, and Peppermint House are the first artists to bring original artwork directly to the FolkArtwork web store on both and directly on Instagram.

After four years of running this account, sharing daily art by great outsider and self-taught artists who are no longer with us, I am thrilled to share this space with current artists to assist in their artistic journey and bring their artwork to the masses and maybe to a home near you.

I am excited to see FolkArtwork evolve and grow. It will continue to share daily outsider artwork by some of the greatest artists ever, pictures from travels across the country, visiting unknown and hidden art environments, and now offering original artwork for sale.

New Works Available by Jackie Bradshaw in the FolkArtwork Shop

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