10 of Many Things I’m Excited to See at the 2023 Outsider Art Fair

Look, is it fair to only select ten of the million things I can’t wait to see this week at this year’s Outsider Art Fair. No, not at all. But do I have all day and night? No, no I do not. But I’ll try!

It is even fair to say I don’t even fully know what I’m excited to see yet that’s why I am planning on being there for all three days this year (Be sure to follow along on Instagram!). Last year I met some incredible people and discovered many new to me artists like the incredible Maurice “Le Grand Le Sueur” Sullins of Hana Petri Gallery.

This year will be no different, I can’t wait to meet new folks, discover new galleries and continue to have my mind blown away by the most inspiring artwork out there. Also, see the works by these artists I already absolutely know and absolutely love.

(Also, totally got too excited and included 11 things forgetting I was only going to do 10 — hence the BONUS!!! lolz)

Andrew Edlin Gallery

Featuring Morton Bartlett, Henry Darger, Ray Materson, Martín Ramírez, Marcel Storr, George Widener, Domenico Zindato 

What I’m Excited to See: works by Ray Materson

Why? Ray Materson began the craft of sewing sock threads during a 15-year-prison sentence. His small but powerful images are full of color, conviction, and beauty. I have never seen these works up close in personal but can’t wait to see these beauties.

Cavin-Morris Gallery

Featuring Aouam Abdelarrazzak, Jamshid Aminfar, Bessie Harvey, J.B. Murray, Evelyne Postic, Christine Sefolosha, Sylvain and Ghyslaine Staëlens, Anna Zemánková, Carlo Zinelli

What I’m Excited to See: works by Jamshid Aminfar and other artists from Iran

Why? Over the years I have become good friends with the artist and gallery owner of Gallery Outsiderinn and Tehran, Morteza Zahedi and the brilliant artist Sarvenaz Farsian. Through them I have grown to know and love many self-taught artists from Iran including the late great Jamshid Aminfar.

Fleisher-Ollman Gallery

Featuring: Miles Carpenter, James Castle, Dorothy F. Foster

What I’m Excited to See: works by Dorothy F. Foster

Why? Until recently, no one knew who Dorothy F. Foster was. Recently discovered at an antique shop, the ballpoint pen works by Foster, who worked in fashion in New York, wrote poetry, and painted, will make their Outsider Art Fair debut.

Jennifer Lauren Gallery

Featuring: Kate Bradbury, Nek Chand, Janko Domsic, Johann Hauser, Carlo Keshishian, Cara Macwilliam, Valerie Potter, Shinichi Sawada

What I’m Excited to See: works by Valerie Potter and Shinichi Sawada

Why? Because their work is mind blowingly beautiful and delightful. I love everything there is to know about Shinchi Sawada. I show my art students his clay sculptures that happen to be fired in a pit for 3 days on the side of a mountain in Japan as much as I can. Each one is unique, mesmerizing and hauntingly fun. In stark contrast of the earth tone sculptures, Valerie Potter’s work is vibrant and in your face in the best possible way. Can’t get enough of this booth.

Joshua Lowenfels Works of Art

Featuring: S. L. Jones, Edwin Lawson, Charlotte Schubert, James Son Ford Thomas, T.W.F. Unknown

What I’m Excited to See: unknown

Why? It’s art. Or is it? If you are looking to get your fix of antiquing in at the Outsider Art Fair, this is the place to do it.

Lindsay Gallery

Featuring: Clementine Hunter, Morris Ben Newman, James Son Ford Thomas, Harry Underwood

What I’m Excited to See: works by Clementine Hunter

Why? She is the best. Her work makes me so happy. And if I don’t see you at this booth staring hard at her memory drawings you’re going to be in trouble.

New Discretions

Featuring: Timothy Wyllie

What I’m Excited to See: Timothy Wyllie

Why? Years ago my wife and I were obsessed with a show called Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, a documentary series exploring the wide world of drugs. Being the squares that we are, it was a delight to see other people, including the one and only Timothy Wyllie, enjoying substances and living to talk about it. After first learning about Timothy Wyllie, I wanted to know more and more. His story just kept getting wilder and his artwork reflects that. File this again under works I’ve never seen in person before but I can’t wait to see for the first time.

North Pole Studio

Featuring: Austin Brague, James Enos, Dan Tran

What I’m Most Excited to See: works by Dan Tran

Why? Dan Tran paints the best still-life flower drawings. Enough said.

The Pardee Collection

Featuring: Emitte Hych, Antoine Oleyante, Stephen JM Palmer, Teddy Schapiro, Jim Work

What I’m Most Excited to See: works by Emitte Hych

Why? The Pardee Collection returns to the Outsider Art Fair. If you ever have stumbled upon the unmistakeable work by Emitte Hych, on this page or another, it’s very likely that it came from the remarkable collection of Sherry Pardee. A photographer, designer, art collector and dealer for thirty years now, The Pardee Collection boasts an astonishing collection of works by the African American artist born in 1909 in rural Mississippi, working as a sharecropper until the 1940s and I can’t wait to finally see them in person.

SAGE Studio

Featuring: Anthony Coleman, King Nobuyoshi Godwin

What I’m Most Excited to See: everything

Why? You’ll find big fans of SAGE Studio in New York City this week, but not too many bigger fans than me. The folks at SAGE Studio are true gems and the work they will be showcasing, Anthony Coleman and King Godwin is no different. To see King Godwin’s work online is one thing, to see it in person is another. The attention to detail and creativity is jaw-dropping. Don’t miss this booth!




Ricco/Maresca Gallery

Featuring: William Hawkins, HYDEON, Martín Ramírez, Leopold Strobl, John Tursi, Bill Traylor, Grant Wallace, Adolf Wölfli

What I’m Most Excited to See: the William Hawkins

Why? As the self-proclaimed President of the William Hawkins fan club, there’s no place better to visit than the booth of Ricco/Maresca. Last year I spent probably way too long, and uncomfortable amount of time analyzing every inch of a dinosaur painting by William Hawkins, this year it will be this blue and yellow ship painting. I tend to think I’ve seen photos of every William Hawkins work there is. Of course, that isn’t true, and when I see a new one posted by Frank Maresca I usually let out an audible gasp because they somehow keep getting better.

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