Introducing Charles “Art” Jerry, Haiti’s Art Teacher

If you got it, flaunt it. Charles “Art” Jerry has a plethora of work and an incredible story to boot. With a load of talent and a stable of young artists creating artwork in Haiti in the traditional folk style, his story is one to be told far and wide.

From Charles Jerry’s GoFundMe page as he is looking to open a new art school in Port au Prince, Haiti:

Charles “Art” Jerry, an incredible painter based in Haiti, whose paintings explore Haitian Voodoo culture and nature. His work has been displayed at his art school in Haiti and Fine Eye Gallery in the U.S.

Since 2016, Charles Jerry has been providing free art lessons to children in his community of Port au Prince, where students learn to paint as well as learn about Haitian history and culture. He sells not only his own work, but also helps his students sell their paintings. The money his students make selling their art helps them pay school fees and buy food and clothing.

Covid-19 has hit Haiti hard, and Charles Jerry has had to downsize his classes to just 4 students at a time. His classes have become increasingly popular, however, and when the pandemic ends Charles Jerry hopes to open a new school to accommodate his growing student body! He’s found a building, and now he needs our help to clean it up and get it ready for his new students.

Talulah Mcconnell, organizer of the GoFundMe

All works below for sale, reach out to Charles on Instagram directly to discuss pricing and shipment.

Here’s a statement from Charles Jerry:

“We are a group of artists teach 5-11 year olds. We have been closed for the long lockdown, but now we reopen with more kids interested in art who want to become an artist. We usually have 14 kids to teach in class #1, but now we are looking for help to rebuild a big new place and receive more than 1 hundred kids or more! Each donation will mean so much to us.”

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