Outsider Art Fair: Who, What, Where

MARTÍN RAMÍREZ Untitled (Arches, 5 Panels) (ca. 1960-63) via Ricco/Maresca

Life is overwhelming. An art fair shouldn’t be.

As I head to my first Outsider Art Fair, the 30th annual, I wanted to compile a list of galleries I wanted to see with the artworks they will be showing and where these beautiful works are.

I don’t know if this is helpful. As I said, I’ve never been to the Outsider Art Fair. I’ve never been to the Metropolitan Pavilion. Hell, I just remembered I’ve never been to New York City.

Here’s about two dozen of the 50+ exhibitors represented at this year’s fair:

(with link to online viewing room)
Andrew Edlin GalleryD14Susan Te Kahurangi King, Roy Ferdinand, Marcel Bascoulard, Ray Materson, Pearl Blauvelt, James Castle, Agatha Wojciechowsky and more
Carl Hammer GalleryB6Bill Traylor, Frank Jones, Lee Godie, Henry Darger, Josepth Yoakum and more
Cavin-Morris GalleryB22Davood Koochaki, Caroline Demangel, Ilija Bosilj, Minnie Evans, Gregory van Maanen, Sarvenaz Farsian, and more
Creative Growth Art CenterC19Monica Valentine, Dan Miller, Ron Veasey, Latefa Noorzai, Lauren Dare, and others
Creativity ExploredC2Evelyn Reyes, John Patrick McKenzie, Vincent Jackson, Nubia Ortega, Daniel Green, Joseph “JD” Green, and Camille Holvoet
Electric Lady StudiosD13Daniel Johnston
Fleisher/OllmanA5Philadelphia Wireman, Frank Jones, Joseph Yoakum, Pearl Blauvelt, James Castle, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein and more
Fountain House GalleryD11Angela Rogers, Alyson Vega, and Roger Jones
Galerie PolysémieD20Anne-Marie Grgich, David Mazin, Alexander Lobanov, and more
Hill GalleryC13Ralph Fasanella, Minnie Evans, Eddie Arning, L.C. Spooner, and Aghassi George Aghassian
Hirschl & Adler ModernB8Bill Traylor, James Castle, James Edwards Deeds, and Jeanne Brousseau
James Barron ArtD5Norris Embry, Sidival Fila, Vera Girivi, Elisabetta Maestro, Winfred Rembert, Sara Sebastianis, Reza Shafahi, Ashley Shapiro, Janet Sobel, Elisabetta Zangrandi
Jennifer Lauren GalleryC14Shinichi Sawada, Valerie Potter, Agatha Wojciechowsky, Jesse James Nagel, Makota Okawa, Cara Macwilliam, Shinya Fujii, and Chris Neate
Joshua Lowenfels Works of ArtD17Unidentified British military officer
Koelsch GalleryC18Bruce Lee Webb, Steve Sachs, William Ruhle, W. Tucker, Sally Bennett and more
LAND Studio & GalleryD2Byron Smith, Christine Lewis and Robert Latchman and select LAND artists
Lindsay GalleryC11William Hawkins, Mary T. Smith, Emery Blagdon, and more
Nexus SingularityB4Ionel Talpazan, Terry Turrell, Julia Sisi, JJ Cromer, Ellsworth McComb and more
Portrait Society GalleryD8Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Della Wells, John Tyson, M. Winston, Rosemary Ollison
Project OnwardC8Richard Willis, Kareem Davis, John Behnke, and Kenneth Williams
Pure Vision ArtsD1Armando Nuñez, Oscar Azmitia, Susan Brown, Chase Ferguson, Simone Johnson, and Walter Mika
Ricco / MarescaA11Martín Ramírez, William Hawkins, Thornton Dial, Henry Darger, Bill Traylor, George Widener, James Castle, Eddie Arning, and more
SAGE StudioA1Rick Fleming, King Nobuyoshi Godwin, and Anthony Coleman
Shelter GalleryD3Nicole Appel and Charles Simmons
SHRINEC7Minnie Evans, Bill Traylor, Hawkins Bolden, Juanita Rogers
SPACES ArchivesA2Seymour Rosen
Steven PowersD6Charles Jarm, Richard Nisbett, John Roeder, George E. Morgan, Emile Branchard, and Edwin Lawson
Tierra del Sol GalleryB1Douglas Allen, Marlena Arthur, Karen Goldstein, Aura Herrera, Abraham Khan, Dru McKenzie, and Hugo Rocha
Yukiko Koide PresentsA8Morka Inada, Yuki Fujioka, Kunizo Matsumoto, Yuichiro Ukai
List will be updated as more information is released

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